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A wildly dizzying whirl(d) of juggling giggling
magic & movement, puppetry pjs circus & socks…
totally tangled together!

A pajama-clad unicyclist careens on stage, suitcase in tow. Unpacking, he introduces audience to a whimsical world of clothes-pin towers, erratic toothbrushes & gargantuan grins. Juggling with energy & presence, Janoah...anygoodjokes? constructs a playful performing-partner puppet from
piles of props.

SpinS frames skill through physical challenge, fashioning hilarious precariousness that is joyful and open. Objects and audience swirl into chaotic creation in this solo circus, recounting the learning and laughter of an itinerant performer.

"SpinS is not your usual flashy juggling show at all. There are no strict boundaries to adhere by, just an unrestricted flow of energy, story-telling and creativity for all."
- Melissa Arditti, 519

"Probably the most awkwardly impressive thing you'll see all year ... the experience seem(s) less like you’re watching a performance and more like you’re helping to put it on ... A must-see for anyone who wants to let loose and smile like a child again."
- ***** Eric Trudell, Theatre in London


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