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Janoah Bailin's latest full-length family circus show, featuring live music by pianist and beat-maker Kafari. Performed in the round, the show is radically interactive – Janoah trusts and invites audience members of all ages to read stories, participate in tricks and answer questions that are integral to the act.

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Through humor, play and wonder, “rOng” explores “rings” in their myriad forms: juggling rings and other circus circles ... spiraling dance ... jewelry and its accompanying stories ... ringing sounds ... the ethos and values of a ring, such as unity, wholeness, etc. “rOng” models the circle process in restorative justice, checking in with the audience at the beginning, and out with the audience at the end, ultimately asking:

“How can a circle center audience as the focus of performance?”

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photos by Laddy Deluca Lowell

“rOng” debuted at Mayo Street Arts in April of 2023 thanks to the support of the Maine Arts Commission and Puffin Foundation.

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